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The musical score for Freedom Ahead was an original piece of art done by award winning composer Jesse Koolhaas. He worked to create the evocative soundtrack that will be remembered by many viewers around the world. He used some of the production sounds as inspiration to turn them into musical landscapes that fit the evocative thoughts of our characters on screen like a glove.

We are forever grateful for his inspired works!

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The Score

theme song

Theme song

We are also frequently contacted about the song playing during the credit roll. To let you know: Sea Change by Turin Brakes. Below their awesome official video to the song. After hearing it for the first time, our search for a song to complete the message of the film, was over. We got in touch with the band right away and they were kind enough to accomodate us! These guys are the best, we highly reccomend you check out their other albums!

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